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Art Supplies Wholesale

Art supplies are materials used to create art.

When you buy a large quantity of art supplies, you save money over time. This is because you are getting a lower price per item when you purchase in bulk. In addition, you don't have to worry about running out of supplies in the middle of a project.

When placing your order, be sure to include all of the supplies that you will need.

What is the must have art supplies ?

The items included within the art supplies are varied.

The most common ones are paint, paintbrushes, paper, canvas boards, pastels, charcoal, oil paints, acrylic paints and acid-free glue.

What could Panda Crafty Wholesale could do ?

Art supplies are expensive to buy retail, but it is not easy to find wholesale art suppliers. 

Panda Crafty Wholesale Store provides a great selection of products and excellent service for artists that want to start their own art supply business. We have as more brands as we could at amazing prices! All you need is an online shop or physical store to sell our products in your area.

Panda Crafty Wholesale Store offers a range of high quality arts and craft supplies at affordable prices including paint brushes, drawing pencils, watercolor paints, oil painting tools etc. You can create your own brand using our stock images and customize them with text or logos using our design tool in just minutes! Start making money now by ordering from us today -