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Sourcing Service

Craft Supplies and STEM Supplies Product Sourcing Agent Assist With ideas for your business 

At Panda Crafty, We are sourcing and purchasing agents for arts and crafts, STEM Supplies in China.

With our facilities located in Shanghai, Lanxi city and Yixing city, we offer different solutions to cater to your crafts Kits and STEM Projects needs according to your budget. 

If you are looking for the craft supplies for your arts and crafts, DIY creative supplies in bulk, Panda Crafty is here for you. Our services include: 

  • Sourcing the right craft supplies for you, helping you save time and money.
  • Development of new designs and samples according to your specifications and requirements.
  • Regular production follow ups, stiff quality control measures and carrying out shipment inspections to ensure fast delivery of orders in good shape.
  • Consolidation of shipments and containers, liaising with custom house agents and shipping agents .

Free to talk with a Product Sourcing Agent even with No Experience. 

Sourcing and Purchasing

From Out of Stock to Restocked

Panda Crafty is a supplier you can rely on for your established or your start up business. Given your supplies list we will get the best prices for your stock list and offer the quickest delivery.

Without a Name to Sourcing 

From Social Media to Selling

Saw a DIY project or craft product on social media and want it for your own business? Panda Crafty can make that happen for you. If you’re unsure of the name or the product origins we will endeavor to track it down for you and get it to you.

Without Samples to Sourcing 

From Sales Pitch to Final Product

Have a great idea for a craft project but don’t have the ability to make any kind of prototype? Panda Crafty is here to help your ideas become reality by finding the proper manufacturers to supply your craft needs.

Sourcing and Logistics


From Tight Margins to Profit

You have a to-door price in mind and we at Panda Crafty want to facilitate that for you. We will work alongside you and offer alternate craft supplies to make sure your margins are being met.

Sourcing Arts and Crafts for Adult, DIY toys for Kids, Educational STEM Supplies, Panda Crafty is your best sourcing company choice 

Quick Response Time

Get your quote directly from our product sourcing agent within 12 hours, with the maximum wait time being 3 days for highly-detailed orders.

Impressive Product Catalogue

We have over 6000 craft supplies and products available through our CRM and This Panda Crafty Wholesale Craft Supplies Online Store .

This means you could have quotes quickly and source speedily throughout the whole of China.

Unbeatable Prices

No matter the size of your order, whether it is large or small, we offer competitive wholesale prices to everyone.

This is due to our lengthy and close professional relationships with craft kits suppliers and arts and crafts manufacturers.

Save time and money whether ordering craft supplies in bulk for a business or for your own educational projects.

Excellent Quality Control

We always want to offer you the most value for your money.

We do this by ensuring you the highest quality service via the pricings, products and our unmatched shipping times.

Small-Business Friendly

We are dedicated to companies just starting out in the crafting industry.

It can be difficult trying to financially manage in such a competitive market but Panda Crafty is here for you!

Our services start at just $100 for small businesses in need of arts and crafts for Adult, KIds and STEM Supplies. 

Multiple Delivery Solutions

Panda Crafty offer many options in terms of delivery to ensure that no matter what your needs are you can be accommodated. We offer delivery by air, sea and also express shipping, all with import tax included. Our delivery prices are incredibly affordable and the larger your shipment the lower the unit price.

  • When shipping Express, best prices are offered over 20kg.
  • When shipping by Air, best prices are offered over 100kg.

When shipping by Sea, the price stays constant per shipment.

Reliable Supplier

We have an amazing and qualified product sourcing agent team ready to support you through your search for craft supplies directly from China.

The product sourcing agent take over the need to communicate with manufacturers directly, keeping your quality standards, budget, and turnaround time in mind.

Most importantly we make it as hassle-free for your and your business as possible.

How is the process you work with Panda Crafty? 

  1. We receive a detailed message from you about your craft supply requirements.
  2. You will get a pricing outline quote of the supplies you need within 12 hours – 3 days for free.
  3. Upon you confirming the given pricing quote we arrange samples and  videos of our quality testing the items in your craft projects.
  4. Once you’re happy with the idea and quality, we finalize payment for samples and/or orders.
  5. We then start on the producing, inspection and delivery process. Once inspected, it is shipped directly to you.