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Blank Christmas Ornaments Wholesale

Blank Christmas ornaments perfect for arts and crafts around the holidays.

You can have blank Christmas ornaments shipped directly your business in time for the holidays.

They are available in multiple different materials including wood and ceramics.

They can also be customised to suit your business’ needs.

It’s the perfect option when looking to sell to wholesale.

Whether you own a large scale or a smaller business we will accommodate all your blank Christmas ornament needs.

Panda Crafty doesn’t have a minimum or a maximum order limit and we will make sure you get all the blank Christmas ornaments you need by our solution, just chat with us or contact us.

Blank Christmas ornaments are a great wholesale buy around the holiday season.

They are for businesses who need to decorate large scale spaces and crafters who wish to have personalised ornaments.

Panda Crafty wants to offer businesses easy supplier relations and will handle all facets of the fulfilment and shipping once the items have been ordered.

We quality assure and sending video and pictures of the product to make sure that you’re happy with the content you’re receiving.

Then once the manufacturer is finished and we’re happy with the quality it’s shipped directly to your door as fast as we can get it to you.


1. What kind of blank Christmas ornaments do you have on offer?

Panda Crafty prides themselves on being able to supply a wide variety of blank Christmas ornaments.
There are plastic and ceramic baubles, wooden pieces, snow globes and Christmas orientated figures.
That is not our full stock list as we are always getting in touch with our manufacturers and seeing knew items that we can supply.
If there is a specific ornament that you’re looking for we’d be happy to discuss with you and either source it or negotiate with one of our manufacturers on a price that’s fair and that suits your budget.

2. I want to buy a specific blank Christmas ornament in bulk, is that possible?

Of course, if we already supply it.
If we don’t, we will work alongside you and your business and our manufacturers to fulfil your request.
Panda Crafty has great business relationships with many manufacturers throughout China and we will do all that we can to make sure we can provide what our customers are looking for.
In regards to our shipping we’re happy to work around bigger orders and welcome them as it means you as the consumer will benefit out of a lessened shipping cost overall.

3. How customisable are the blank Christmas ornaments?

Depending on the item there can be multiple points of customisation for your items.
We want you to have the most choice possible and so we work alongside manufacturers who give us the options to offer customised products from all of the arts and crafts categories.
Panda Crafty can offer custom packaging so that your customers see and connect with your branding.
We can also offer custom designs on the products themselves depending on their material. Our manufacturers can work with your logo or other personalised images or lettering to make sure you get the exact product you’re looking for.