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Bulk Christmas Craft Kits

Bulk Christmas Craft Kits available for wholesale purchase.

Fun for all the family, bulk Christmas craft kits are a must when it comes to selling prior to the holiday season. Panda Crafty can supply you with a variety of bulk Christmas craft kits to make sure your business is fully stocked before Christmas rolls around. These kits are multi-purpose and are aimed towards crafters and families around the holiday period, meaning that you have multiple markets that they can be sold to. There is always room for customisation should you wish to have your brands logo and labelling on the bulk Christmas craft kits Panda Crafty supply.

Bulk Christmas craft kits are usually wooden pieces along with decorations and a manual on how to put them together. They are the perfect purchase for craft stores, online shopfronts and Christmas markets. Panda Crafty does not have a maximum or a minimum order and are your one stop shop for all your bulk Christmas craft kit needs. No matter the size of your business we will accommodate your craft kit needs and supply ready to ship craft items. Should you require a custom bulk order our team will liaise with the manufacturers we work with to find a price and shipping time that works with your budget and timeframe.


1. Can I use my own shipper to ship products I order to me?

Panda Crafty is happy to accommodate all businesses and customers should they want to use their own trusted shipping company.

We’d ask that you reach out to us when buying your bulk Christmas craft kits or other products and then from there, we will communicate with the shipping company.

We want to make the ordering process as easy as possible for our customers to receive the products they want in a timely manner.

2.Can I order the two of the same kit with different branding/packaging?

Buying for two separate businesses/brands?

No problem! Panda Crafty offers a huge amount of customisation to the products on offer and will make sure the packaging and products reflects your brand in whatever way you want.

You can buy two orders of the same bulk Christmas craft kits and each can have unique packaging that suits whichever brand you’re buying for.

This applies to two different brands and the same brands that are targeting different markets or different regions.

Our manufacturers are more than capable to create whichever kit you desire for multiple markets, this could be mean changing the language on the front or changing the colours of the packaging to better suit the audience.

3. I’m not sure which bulk Christmas craft kits will suit my business. Can you help me?

Panda Crafty’s staff is always available and happy to hear from our customers and answer your questions.
The products that are available to us are constantly changing as we are working with a huge variety of manufacturers;
this means that you as the custom will always have a huge number of options.
We want you to be able to offer you items that are popular and get sold quickly and easily.
Our staff will help you make the right decisions in terms of what products they would recommend buying wholesale.