Bulk Classroom Paint Brushes

Looking for an affordable way to stock up on paint brushes for your classroom?

Look no further than our bulk classroom paint brushes!

Our brushes are perfect for young students, and because you can buy them in bulk, you can save money while getting the supplies you need. Plus, our brushes come in a variety of fun colors, so your students can get creative with their artwork. 

Why Panda Crafty 

The Classroom Paint Brushes factories are located in Jiangxi Wengang Town.

This town is known as the "Pen Capital of China" because it has a lot of factories that make pens and paint brushes.

You could have the supplies for making paint brushes here, like different colors of ink and different types of paint brushes from us. 

We can offer a variety of colors, stems, and brush types (including pig bristles).

We can even get classroom sets of classroom paint brushes made here.