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Bulk Glitter Wholesale


If you're looking to buy glitter in bulk, you probably want to think about purchasing it wholesale. One of the main reasons to purchase from a wholesaler is that it will save you money and allow you to buy more for your dollar. Another thing to take into consideration is that buying from a wholesaler means that you'll never be out of glitter again.

We have glitter in bulk sizes, so you can get the amount of sprinkle for any occasion. Whether you want tiny sparkles up to your knees or just a little dusting on fabric, bulk glitters are the way to go.

Made from biodegradable mica that won't shed onto bananas or keep migratory waterfowl coughing for days, our glitter is guaranteed safe. 

Our various colors will even allow you time to match your dazzling chrome paint job with an equally shiny dress and highlighter marker shoes: purple and teal glitters create weddings and parties sunny enough for this person; pink and yellow brings back childhoods full of rainbows; brown and black turn summertime into the ideal hipster camping.

Found the perfect bulk glitter to buy.

Bulk glitter is delivered in 10g, 100g, and 1kg packages, with different options for tubes or bags. Talk your needs over with our customer service - they would love to help match what you need.