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Cookie Cutters Wholesale

Differently sized and shaped cookie cutters wholesale for retail and event celebration.

Cookie cutters are a staple in every bakers kitchen.

They allow dough to be transformed into all sorts of fun shapes and sizes.

The cutters can be themed, meaning that holidays can receive their own specially shaped sweet treats.

They are also great for working with children as there is no need to use any sharp instruments and the work is simple and manageable.

Buying cookie cutters wholesale can be used by bakeware brands or cookery schools and beyond.

They can even be used in schools should their be the right facilities. They can come in different materials such as metal or food safe plastic, meaning that they can be child-friendly.


Are there cookie cutters wholesale available for the holiday season?

There are cookie cutters wholesale available for all holidays.

No matter what you might celebrate or what is relevant to your locality we will find a manufacturer who offers what you’re looking for.

There are well known holidays that celebrate with sweet treats but we’re also wanting to expand upon that and provide cookie cutters wholesale for those who may not know where to source the specific shape they’re looking for.

Celebrate in style with Panda Crafty by getting in touch with our team and telling us what you’re looking for.

What material are the cookie cutters made out of?

Cookie cutters are usually made out of metal or food safe plastic.

This can depend on the context they’ll be used in and what is being called for.

Pastry chefs and home bakers usually opt for metal cutters as they offer the cleanest cut.

People working with children might want to go with the plastic variant as it cuts the risk of any kind of injury if used incorrectly.

Depending on your use case and needs either might be appropriate.

How many cookie cutters come in a package?

This is very much dependent on what you’re looking for.

If you’re in need of a single shape and size we can supply that wholesale.

The same can be said for multipacks of different sizes, shapes and even colors.

We at Panda Crafty aim to tailor the experience of ordering through us around our clients.