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Crafty Blanks Wholesale

Panda Crafty Wholesale Store Bring Crafty Blanks Items to you at wholesale lots and price for your custom decorating. 

Crafters unleash their creativity with crafty blanks.

If you are a craft shop owner, re-seller, or are looking for crafty blanks wholesale, and could not find the craft blanks items that you prefer, as a long-term cooperation, please submit your requirement here. 

Types of Crafty Blanks Wholesale

Panda Crafty Wholesale Store Select some types that trending or unique crafty blanks wholesale collections for your choosing. 

Plain Cotton Bags Wholesale

You will find Makeup Bag, or Tote Bag, shopping bags, promotional bags, Cosmetic bags, and handbag blanks. These items are trendy among crafters and hobbyists.  

Wholesale Blank Clothing

When it comes to adult apparel blanks in Panda crafty wholesale You may think of Men’s T-shirts, Fitness and Yoga Wear, Men’s Hoodies and  Sweet T-shirts.

And they with a wide range of styles. Plain Dyed, Sportswear, Hip-hop, O-Neck, V-neck, short-sleeve,long-sleeve. 

But in stock option is not that much.  Welcome to customize if you like to order more than 3000 pcs. 

Apron Blanks Wholesale

You could have in stock apron blanks wholesale easy in this store. 

Welcome to custom with your size. Depends on the designs, it is ok to star from 100-1000 pcs. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.    Do You Manufacture All Those Crafty Blanks?

No, we do not manufacture crafty blanks. Our china sourcing agent will arrange crafty blanks from around China according to your demand and budget.  

2.    How Can I Get A Sample From You To Check The Quality?

The process is simple.

Contact us to confirm which samples you like to have. 

You could choose the crafty blanks wholesale price that we have on line or the samples we could source. 

Then you will have a customized samples request listing to pay for samples. 

Or you could pay to our account via credit card. Paypal etc. 

3.    Do You Take Small Quantity Order?

If you like to have some of the items are smaller quantity than the craft blanks wholesale we listed.  

You could contact us for check. 

if only 1 items you like to order, then the minimum order quantity will be as listed that ready to ship. 

4.     How Can I Get The Crafty Blanks Wholesale Quote? 

We have a price for all crafty blanks listed in our online store. If you need bulk quantity, send us an inquiry.

We will send you the quote within 24 hours after receiving your inquiry.

5.    Is the Price Negotiable?

If you are planning to purchase more than the quantity Panda Crafty wholesale store listing, Welcome to negotiate the price to match your needs.

6.    How Long Do You Take For Shipping? 

The shipping time depends on the shipping season and the crafty blanks you choose. If the product is in the online store, we will ship the product within 2-5 days. For products not in the online stores and large quantity orders, it can take up to 25 days.