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Macrame Cord Wholesale

Macrame projects require lots of macrame cords, and if you are looking for Macrame cord wholesale, you have arrived at the right place.

If you have any particular macrame cord in your mind, Like combine the colors for your macrame projects projects, a custom size for your needs or special packaging you can get suitable sources from our craft sourcing agent and B2B team. 

Type Of Macrame Cord Wholesale


Macrame Braided Cord

This is the most common type of Macrame cord. Braided cords are not full cotton made; they are a combination of cotton, polypropylene, polyester, nylon, or other strong fibers. In Panda Crafty Wholesale, you will get braided cords of any material and any color.

Macrame braided cords are in great demand around the shopping area, transport area and also are needed for daily household works and DIY projects. 

Braided macramé cords come in various sizes. You can purchase 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm multiple sizes from Panda crafty. From Panda crafty wholesale, you will find sustainable, high tenacity, and waterproof braided macramé cords.

Moreover, Panda Crafty macramé cords come in multiple colors. Some macramé cord wholesale products have more than 22 colors.  You can choose any size, color, and even material. Also, you can get coated and waxed braided macramé cord from our huge collections.

For large quantities, we offer a custom price. We also source a macrame braided cord from a top manufacturer. Before purchasing, you can also ask for a sample.


 Macrame Multi-ply Cord


Macrame Multi-ply Cord is also called a 3-ply cord or 3-stands cord. This type of macrame cord is made up of 3 smaller strands and produces a sizable twisted rope.

The macrame multi-ply cord is very famous for macrame crafts. Crafters use a 3-ply and 4-ply macrame cord to create various crafts such as wall hanging, plant hanger, mirror hanging, curtains, miniature Christmas trees, fishball hanger, and many more.

You will get 100% cotton or 100% polyester high tenacity and sustainable multiply macramé cord ready to ship from Panda Crafty Wholesale.


Macrame Single Strand Cord

This type of macrame cord is by far the best choice for hobbyists. If you have clients that are starting macramé craft, you should offer them a macrame single-strand cord. Besides, regular gigs also use this cord for crafts.

These cords are comfortable on the hand, and they are not expensive. That’s why these are best for learners. Cutting, tying, and untying notes with these cords are easy.

You will find 100% cotton sustainable and high tenacity single-strand cord from Panda Crafty Wholesale.

Frequently Asked Questions of Macrame Cord Wholesale


1.     Do You Have All The Macrame Cords In Your Stock?


Yes,  if the macramé cord you choose is online in stock, they are ready to ship.

If for the sourcing items, then it depends on the macrame cord you need. You could have the solution balance between delivery time, budget, and reasonable alternative size or color options.

We will take Just 2-5 days to handle the order, then shipping out. 

2.     What Is The Minimum MOQ For Your Macrame Cord Wholesale?

You could purchase directly in our online store in a small quantity.

If you plan on a long-term business with us, we can find a solution and take orders with low MOQ to mix every color and size.

3.     Do You Take Custom Orders?

Yes, we do.

We have a strong network for macrame cord wholesale and take custom orders.

You could have the custom part as below:

  1. Custom length as you need. (1-10 meters, etc.)
  2. A custom label on it.
  3. Custom boxes to pack it.
  4. Custom color if big order

4.     How Can I Get The Price?

We have a price for every macramé cord in our online store. If you are planning to buy a bulk quantity, you can send us an inquiry.

After receiving your inquiry, we will send you the quote within 24 hours. 

5.     Can I buy a Sample?

Sure you can. Feel free to contact us.

6.     How Much Time Do You Take To Ship?

It depends on the season and the macramé cord you choose. If the macrame cord is listing online in stock, we will pack and ship them within 2-5 days.

But for large quantities and custom orders, it might takes 7-25 days to shipping out from our warehouse .