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Mandala Dotting Wholesale

Mandala dotting wholesale kits and tools including plastic paint palettes, paint brushes and stencils.

Akin to fidget toys like Dimple Pimples, Mandala dotting is another therapeutic outlet that is gaining in popularity. It is in many ways another must have for arts and crafts suppliers to keep on trend with what crafters and art lovers are interested in purchasing. These sets come with paint palettes, paint brushes and stencils for the end user to go over and paint designs dot by dot. It’s a way of slowing down the painting process and offering the user some meditative time to themselves. Mandala dotting wholesale kits are very popular on social media and with the wide variety on offer there will certainly be something that suits your business.

Mandala dotting wholesale kits are available from our manufacturers and we already have products from this range ready to ship. These kits can be customised to showcase your branding or logo as well as the colours or patterns being edited. If there is a particular design you have in mind or colour scheme you’d like to sell and don’t see it on our website our team will be happy to facilitate between your business and our manufacturers.


1. How many items come in each set?

In our mandala dotting wholesale sets, there are about 32 individual pieces per kit.
This includes a palette, brushes and stencils to work with.
If you want this edited to be more or less, we’d be happy to arrange a customised set with our manufacturers.
Get in touch with our sourcing agents to talk about what would best suit you and your business in terms of mandala dotting wholesale kit sizes.

2. Is there a minimum order size for mandala dotting wholesale kits?

No, at Panda Crafty we do not have a minimum order for any of our arts and crafts supplies.

We value business from large and small companies and do all that we can to best serve everyone.

The only thing we do recommend is to order in bulk to save on shipping costs as pallets needed to be filled to make the most out of shipping via freight, air or sea.

If you’re in the market for mandala dotting wholesale kits, we’ll be happy to take your order and supply as many kits as you may need for your business.

3. Do you quality check to make sure all the pieces are up to standard?

With our mandala dotting wholesale kits, we have a team that work alongside the manufacturers to make sure that all the products we supply are well made and up to scratch.

When you order from Panda Crafty, we deal with everything from that point, including shipping and quality assurance.

When your order is being finalised and your products have been made by the manufacturer, we will send photos of the products and test them on your behalf. If there are any issues will step in and update you as soon as we can and find a resolution.