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50 PACK Metal Purse Frames

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50 PACK Metal Purse Frames
~What will you get~
50 PACK Metal Purse Frames (1PACK = 1PCS)

If you like to have some and mix other items, talk with us for custom orders.

Specifications B01-029-00575 19CM side sides of gold and silver, B01-029-00576 19CM side strip gold golden, B01-029-00577 19CM side strip gold gun ash, B01-029-00578 19CM side sides Jin Qing Ancient, b01-029-00586, B01-029-00587, B01-029-00588, B01-029-00589

Applicable range luggage side
11.4 / 19CM side strip gold sandwich screw edge buckle package plug mikey mouse straight back box clip

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