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Quilling Supplies Wholesale

Quilling is a type of paper craft that's been around for centuries. Craftsmen roll up strips of paper to create intricate designs. Craftsman can then use these shapes to create jewelry, decoration and more. can also cut strips to create animals, flowers, and more. These shaped pieces are then glued or stapled onto an object that you wish to decorate with them.

Although quilling is typically thought of as an art form, it's also sometimes used by architects to create designs for buildings.

There are three general types of quilling papers:

- Regular paper: This is the most common type of quilling paper and can be used for most designs. It's available in a wide range of colors and sizes.

- Shaped paper: This type of paper is pre-cut into specific shapes, which makes it ideal for quick and easy quilling.

- Striped paper: This type of paper is made up of two or more colors that are alternately striped. It's perfect for creating detailed designs.

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