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Sewing Thread Wholesale


Buy for your sewing projects with wholesale quantity discounts on Guterman thread, Colorful thread, black and white thread sets, Metrosene thread and serger cone thread etc. 

All Ready to Ship from China by Express, you will get them 7-10 days. 


Custom Sewing Thread Projects 

If you could not find the sewing thread in our online store. You could have the sourcing service to find your sewing thread bulk (check how we do here ) and assemble your custom sewing thread sets. 

Custom quantity and at budget

Long-term business to get your best Sewing Thread Wholesale price

If you are doing the business about sewing or sewing manufacturers, that for a long term cooperate, please click here to contact our B2B team to double check the quantity you need and confirm the shipping method like By air to door, By SEA, by sending to your forwarder to handle all together. To make sure match your Business the best