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Wholesale Christmas Craft Supplies

Wholesale Christmas craft supplies to buy in bulk for the holiday season.

Panda Crafty is happy to supply your business with wholesale Christmas craft supplies in time for the holidays. Never struggle for stock or ideas for new products ever again as our supply team work to bring in the most popular and best-selling items so that we can offer them via our various manufacturers. No matter what you may need in the months running up to Christmas, Panda Crafty will aim to fulfil every wholesale Christmas craft supplies order as timely as possible. It is the perfect time of year to expand your product catalogue and venture into new and popular art and crafts supplies.

Our wholesale Christmas Craft Supplies can help you fill out your product list. Panda Crafty is happy to work with businesses of all sizes, comfortable shipping international and as suppliers, promise to handle all order, manufacturing and shipping details. We offer a large variety of popular wholesale Christmas craft supplies and welcome new long term business relationships with businesses around the world as their trusted supplier.


1. I run a craft store and need products for Christmas, will I get my stock in time?

Depending on the time and size of the order we will do all that we can to make sure you have your stock when you need it.

We recommend ordering your wholesale Christmas craft supplies as early as possible to ensure proper leeway is giving to shipping and possible holiday related delays.

If you have any concerns about shipping time or the size of your order please get in touch and we’ll make sure to give you a clear shipping time estimation.

2. What are the best-selling wholesale Christmas craft supplies?

The answer to this question almost changes month to month.

In terms of craft supplies social media means that what people are interested in changes very quickly.

Our Panda Crafty staff are available keep you available on what new products may be best for your business to keep in stock.

Feel free to message us with your inquiries.

Closer to the season we’ll have the best idea of what wholesale Christmas craft supplies will be on the up in time for time for the holidays.

3. I’m opening a seasonal Christmas shop. Do you take large orders that would stock a full shop?

At Panda Crafty we are dedicated to fulfilling orders of all sizes.

We’d be more than happy to be the supplier to stores in the market for wholesale Christmas craft supplies, but also become long-term supplies.

Our want is to develop working relationships with our clients as a trusted supplier directly from China.

As a business, all you would have to do is make the order and then we would handle the rest.

This includes: managing shipping, customs, quality assurance and liaising with our manufacturers.

We take care of everything to make sure that we can supply goods from our manufacturer’s doors to yours in a timely manner.