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Deco Mesh Ribbon

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Wholesale Deco Mesh

Wholesale deco mesh available for craft wholesalers.

Wholesale deco mesh is one of the most central items to the arts and crafts universe. It’s incredibly versatile and used for many different crafting projects. In any craft related business it’s a must to have a good selection of deco mesh for your customers. It is highly reusable and doesn’t wear easily at all. Deco mesh is perfect for both indoor and outdoor meaning it’s a multi-level product that can be sold to many markets. This could be anything from craft enthusiasts to party planning/throwing businesses who need to decorate large spaces.

Panda Crafty supplies a huge variety of different wholesale deco mesh from our manufacturers. If you’re in the market for mesh as one of the products you wish to stock, we have ready to ship product just waiting to be ordered from out manufacturers. This means a variety of different colours, patterns and textures. If there’s a particular style or look you have in mind for your business that you’d like to stock we’d be happy to do everything we can to arrange it for you with our manufacturers. As soon as you make your order, we will do quality checks and ensure that your products get to you on time and in pristine condition.



1. What material is your wholesale deco mesh made from?

We supply many different types of deco mesh, in many different colours and patterns.

Some of the materials our manufacturers use to produce the wholesale deco mesh we supply are foil and poly mesh, burlap and paper.

Each of these provide a totally different texture and look to the rolls of whole deco mesh.

If it’s something you wish to stock but are unsure about which types to buy feel free to ask for samples.

2. Why should I pick Panda Crafty to supply my wholesale deco mesh?

Panda Crafty is your one stop shop for all arts and crafts supplies.

We have working relationships with many manufacturers all over China and are always striving to provide great service to our consumers.

Once you order with us, we handle all of the shipping, customs and handling of your products once it leaves the manufacturers and we’ve quality assured it.

Panda Crafty will accommodate your budget and your customisation needs.

Picking Panda Crafty for your wholesale deco mesh needs means picking a reliable and competent supplier.

3. What is deco mesh made for?

Our wholesale deco mesh that we supply can be used for many different things.

It can be used for crafts as well as decorations for a room.

It’s a great way to trim presents or used alongside a table centrepiece.

Deco mesh is a craft item that’s only limit is the user’s imagination.

This is why it’s a great item to be able to offer your business’ customers as there is a want for it all through the year for different arts and crafts projects.

Wholesale deco mesh isn’t seasonal nor does it go in and out of fashion, it’s seen instead as a staple in the crafting world.