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23PACK Chenille Sticks

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23PACK Chenille Sticks
~What will you get~
23PACK Chenille Sticks (100pcs per pack)

Brand: dock handicraft
Recommended Retail Price: ¥5.00
Materials: galvanized wire + polyester low elastic
Colors: QS light color (10 colors of 100), YS color series (10 colors a total of 100), SS dark color (10 colors of 100), No. 2 (EN) new color series, 20 color mix 100, 15 color mix 100, classic brunette, classic color mix, 20 colors randomly mix (100), 25 color mixing 100
Specifications: 100pcs/pack

~Used For~
Arts, DIY designs, DIY Flowers, Christmas Decors

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