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Latch Hook Projects - Quick Craft ideas to Sell

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You will have a quick knowledge about Latch Hook Projects in this article.

  1. What is latch hook?
  2. What is the must have materials and tools for Latch Hook Projects?
  3. How to latch hook. 

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Latch Hook Kits

(photo 1) 

1.What is latch hook? 

Latch hook is a fantastic hobby! Latch hook can relax the mind and give an awesome output. 

Latch hooking is a craft that originated with the invention of the latch needle in 1847. Basically, short segments of yarn wrapped around the needle and pushed through a canvas grid and pulling it through and knitting the yarn to the canvas grid. Once someone touched the pattern of doing this, latch hooks can be a very easy and joyful hobby, either for an adult or a kid.

What idea you could have with latch hook projects?

There are so many craft ideas we can do with latch hook kits.

Latch hook projects about rugs, bags, pillows, wall decorations, table mats and so many homewares.

It is only limited to our imagination.

You could have your latch hook projects idea to sell.  

Latch Hook Projects

photo 2 

2.The must have Materials of latch hook projects

A good latch hook projects should include a canvas grid, a pattern and pre-cut yarn segments.

Latch hook projects can be bought or prepared by crafter himself.

If a latch hook kit is needed to prepare at home, Canvas and yarn need to be purchased and then, cut yarn segments and make a pattern by crafter himself.

But if the crafter is a beginner or a kid, better to buy one. There are pre-printed latch hook canvas kits in craft stores.

But Lots of latch hook projects do not include latch hook tools and need to be bought separately.

  • Canvas 

Canvas grid is the base of the latch hook design. In a purchased readymade latch hook kit, there will be a pre-printed design on the canvas that shows exactly where to put which color, or else the crafter can make own design by using a canvas.

 Latch hook canvas

(photo 3)

  • Latch Hook Yarn

Yarn is a generous material for people who are crafting. The latch hook yarns come as pre-cut segments and those are separated by colors. Generally, the lengths of these yarn segments are 2 ½ inches.
Latch hook yarns

(photo 4)

  • A pattern 

As mentioned above, this pattern comes with the canvas grid in a latch hook kit. For customized patterns, we can draw patterns and colour as per requirement. And also pattern templates can be downloaded from the internet as well.


  • Latch Hook Needle

Most important tool for latch hooking. There is a hook on the end with a tiny hinged piece under it. This hinged piece is opened and closed when the tool is moved in and out of the canvas grid. This secures the yarn segments by slipping out of the hook. It is a reusable tool and one time purchase, always choose a quality one for the projects.
Latch Hook Needles

(Photo 5)

  • Scissors 

Scissors are used to cut the excess of yarn segments. 


    • Sew Needle 

    Sew Needle is used for finishing up the ends of canvas grid. Once the latch hook is done, it should be sawed with something else like a pillow or by folding ends.

      sew needle

      (photo 6)


      • Marker

      How to latch hook?

      Step 1

      Draw a border of 1 ½ inches on all four sides of the canvas grid by using a marker. Some kits have already marked this border. This border prevents fraying and leaves to fit the latch hook art to something else, like cloth or pillow. 

      Step 2

      Start with the second to bottom row of the grid. Always make sure to work to the end of the lower row before moving to the upper row.

      Step 3

      Take the latch hook tool and put yarn underneath it. Then loop the yarn segment around the hook.

      (Photo 7)

      Step 4

      Then push the hook through the hole of the canvas grid. 

      (photo 8)

      Step 5

      Wrap the yarn around the hook and then pull it back through the same hole. Once the hook is pulled, the hinged piece will shut and secure the yarn segment.

      (photo 9)

      Step 6 

      Secure the knot using fingers.


      Step 7

      Make sure to place appropriate colored yarn segments on the grid according to the pattern.

      Step 8 

      Continue and pattern will be worked on the canvas grid gradually. 

      Step 9

      Cut the excess yarn segments by using scissors. The pattern will be sharpening.


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