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For Your Wind Chime Business - Craft idea to sell

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Wind chimes have a long history in different cultures. They were originally created in South East Asia and were often made of organic materials. They were said to ward off evil spirits and hung in entryways to homes to prevent dark spirits and bad luck from entering the household. They still symbolize good luck and are sometimes hung to assist the flow of chi. More commonly they are used as a piece of decorative art or garden ware.

Panda Crafty wants to make sure that all retailers have the stock they want to get to their consumers.

A new popular item coming to the market is the wind chime kit. It can come in many different forms, be made of different materials and most importantly can be advertised to many different target markets.

This article is dedicated to filling you in on everything wind chime, most importantly how to stock them should your brand become interested in wind chime kits. Below we’ve noted some of the most important questions that need answering:

  1. What is a wind chime?
  2. What is the best material to use for a wind chime?
  3. What wind chime projects are on offer?
  4. How do wind chime projects work?
  5. Who are wind chime kits for?
  6. How can I purchase wind chime kits?

What is a wind chime?

A wind chime is a group of tubes attached to a central striker by a cord of some kind.

The tubes are usually hollow and made of thin materials so that sound can successfully move around them and through them.

A striker is a solid centerpiece that connects to each tube individually so that the tubes may move freely.

The cord may be made of any kind of string, even linked metal.

When fully constructed the wind chime is hung in a place where there is free-flowing air for full effect. When caught by the wind, each of the tubes will knock gently into one another and it will cause a ‘chime’ or a tinkling/clinking sound. Depending on the materials used they can be very high pitched. A wind chime can be a decorative piece or used for spiritual purposes to keep negative energy out of the home.

wind Chime kits

What is the best material to use for a wind chime?

The best material depends on a couple of different factors.

The first is aesthetics, if your customers have a major preference for wood or bamboo over metallic pieces then there’s an obvious choice.

The wind chimes you choose has to be pleasing to your clients if it’s going to hang around their homes.

Sometimes this can require doing some market research within your own store and finding out what’s most popular with your regular customers.

The second is the idea of sound.

Some materials and their weight will impact how much noise it will make.

Certain plastics will make higher-pitched sounds, metals can often be deeper and woods somewhere in the middle.

This is very individual to the wind chime parts, it’s best to stock different options for your consumer.

It also does no harm to have an in-store display where the customs can get a feel for the sound the wind chime will make once made.

The third factor is how environmentally conscious your brand is.

Wind chimes often see the best and worst of the elements meaning that they may not last forever.

Offering aluminum wind chime projects or wooden wind chimes means the end-user can recycle them.

This can be a great selling point, especially in the current hyper-conscious market.

Plastics may be seen as a negative in that light and so it’s best to give your consumer options.

How do wind chime projects work?

Wind chime kits wholesale are like any other hobbyist DIY kit.

They come as a set for the end-user to put together and get the satisfaction of building their own home décor.

The kits are individual sets of wind chime parts that one would need to put together a fully functioning wind chime.

Many customers will have had DIY wind chimes ideas and the kits we supply make the process much simpler.

If you’d prefer to provide your clients with spare pieces, we’re happy to accommodate that by also supplying wind chime supplies wholesale as well as the wind chime projects.

This means that your customers can truly create whatever style of wind chime they’d like.

That approach is best suited to avid hobbyists who likely have their own DIY wind chime ideas but lack the pre-cut tubes and parts.

The projects are relatively simple when compared to other DIY kits.

There is a huge display element to these kits and it makes them more of a multipurpose by.

That can work in the seller’s favor. It means that the buyer has no concern over a DIY kit that ends in a creation that will just take up space.

Wind chimes are relaxing and decorative pieces and have their place in the home.

Who are wind chime kits for?

When selling any item, the who is oftentimes the most important question to ask. Wind chime kits have many different target markets.

The most obvious are hobbyists, garden enthusiasts and spiritualists. I’ll go into more detail as to why these projects would appeal to those specific markets.

For the average hobbyist, they are constantly battling boredom and are always ready to take on new projects. A wind chime kit is a perfect afternoon activity that allows them to get involved with their material of choice. In the end, they’ll have a handmade wind chime that will leave them feeling fulfilled.

Garden enthusiasts want nothing more than to deck out their own garden and work with their hands. The wind chime projects we supply offer both of those things in one. They’ll get to treasure their hand pruned garden even more so with handmade decoration to boot. It’s taking a space that is special to them and allowing them to add to it by hand.

Wind chimes have a long history of being interlinked with spirituality and the spiritual world. They have been believed to be an important defense against dark energy or evil spirits. For those who are spiritually inclined and who are dedicated to protecting their peace and their space, these projects may align with them feeling connected to the protection of the space. They themselves had a hand in creating a ward to fend of negativity in their home.

How can I purchase wind chime kits?

If you’re in need of wind chime kits wholesale Panda Crafty is a one-stop shop supplier for all of your wind chime supplies wholesale.

Whether you’re looking to buy premade kits or fully customize your order down to the packaging of your wind chime kits wholesale.

we’re happy to help. Panda Crafty wants to support you and your business’ DIY wind chime ideas and will find a manufacturer best suited to you and your needs.

Our staff work around the clock to provide support for all of our customers, new or old. Whether you’re a smaller brand or a large-scale business we want to assist you in all your wind chime supplies wholesale needs. There is no order too big or small, we will work with you and your DIY wind chime ideas to supply the best kits and wind chime supplies for your customer base.

What wind chime projects are on offer?

Panda Crafty want to supply a diverse range of wind chime kits wholesale as well as wind chime supplies wholesale to an international market.

Where are you from? We ship from China to anywhere in the world, this includes The USA, The UK, Europe, Africa and India.

You could have brands and businesses with wind chime parts, wind chime tubes and rods and wind chime kits wholesome.

This range is completed by a wide array of materials and styles available.

Our manufactures have aluminum wind chime tubes, copper pipe wind chime lengths, wooden wind chimes, bamboo wind chimes as well as Corinthian bells wind chimes.

Whether you’re searching for premade wind chime kits wholesale or DIY wind chime ideas, Panda Crafty supplies both. Even if you don’t find what you wanted on that list, get in touch with us and we’re always happy to work on getting orders exactly right for our customers.

Didn’t find you wanted or needed on our website? No problem! We also supply custom wind chime kits wholesale as well as wind chime supplies wholesale. If you have DIY wind chime ideas you’d like to see, come to life for your clients we’ll work with you and our manufactures to make it happen. We supply extra large wind chimes and have our own wind chime pipe length chart to make sure you know exactly what product you’re getting.

With all these options it means that whether you’re a large brand looking to reach many different markets or a smaller retailer targeting a more niche clientele we have you covered.

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